4 8 D O C U M E N T 2 4 J U L Y 1 9 2 5 Courant[24] have already gone, and Mrs. Franck[25] will leave in 2 days. But do not conclude from this that your visit would not be welcome! It would be a very special pleasure! Only it would have to come at a quieter time. The foreigners mostly have holidays already in July and descend on us here in droves. You are certainly famil- iar with such a bustle. Tomorrow, there’s going to be another shindig Prandtl’s[26] new hydrodynamic institute is being dedicated, with guided tour, dinner, celebra- tory concert. It will cost me almost a day of work. But I, too, will soon get away. On 30 July I am to give a lecture in Tübingen, where Gerlach and Landé[27] are then, I will go to the Engadin to join my family. In October, I am supposed to go to Cambridge—Kapitza invited me and in the winter, we are all supposed to go to Moscow for the Russian physicists’ conference—Joffé wants to pay for the trip. You see, we, too, are getting out into the world, although not to Japan and Argen- tina.— One more thing: Today, in the astronomy colloquium, Kienle[28] reported on a fine new bit of work (from Mount Wilson, I think): The companion of Sirius is one of those puzzling tiny dwarfs with huge mass, density of 28,000, thus, ac- cording to Eddington an accumulation of naked nuclei and electrons. Now, the red- shift (of approx. 20 km/sec) has been verified, exactly proportionate to the huge density (small radius!).[29] Now, however, I must close. Warm regards to your wife and daughters,[30] your Born 24. From Montague David Eder[1] [London,] 15 July 1925 Dear Professor, The Zionist Executive, in one of its most recent sessions, discussed the minutes of the meeting of the newly established Board of Governors of the university that took place in Tel Aviv on the occasion of the opening of the university with the par- ticipation of the members of the Board of Governors, who were present at that time in Palestine, and adopted a position regarding these minutes.[2] It will clarify its po- sition in a letter to Dr. Magnes, currently in preparation.[3] The executive is, in prin- ciple, willing to entrust the administration of the university to the new body. However, it must demand that, if the university is considered to be the intellectual property of the entire Jewish people, and it was this consideration that prompted them to make this decision, the new organization that undertakes the administration and development of this national asset be set up so that it puts the decisive influence on the administration of the institution in the hands of the most significant intellec-
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