3 2 6 D O C . 3 1 1 A G A I N S T B A N O F P O T E M K I N J U N E 1 9 2 6 311. “Against the Imminent Ban of Battleship Potemkin” [Einstein 1926r] Published 26 June 1926 In: Berliner Tageblatt, 26 June 1926, EE, p. [4]. Against the threatened ban of the Battleship Potemkin, which the reactionary Württemberg government is pursuing by all means, the undersigned associations and individuals are raising the strongest possible protest. In the attempt to retroac- tively ban this incomparable film they see the intent to suppress a great artistic cinematic production for political reasons.[1] [Signatories][2] 312. From Heinrich Zangger [Zurich, after 26 June 1926][1] Dear Friend Einstein, Albert was here.[2] He told me what he discovered. The mother is in Egg seeing a doctor.[3] The illness is said to be the result of a goiter operation: which is possi- ble—however, a triggering of a mental illness is also possible.[4] I asked him for information about the operating doctor, and I told him that he had to see this mother in person once and determine whether she was merely melancholy and personally approachable or is emotionally strange, hostilely cold. These impressions are cru- cial. I hope he will do that. It is certainly understandable that he is under pressure, but he honestly, frankly, wanted to take everything in. I will write again before you come so you know how things stand. Langevin, Sommerfeld, Gerlach Cambrerra Kapitza were here for Magnet Week.[5] I was not able to participate much.
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