D O C U M E N T 1 8 5 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 6 2 0 1 always be traced back to weakness. He who is secure in himself and his cause does not insult, but, instead, builds and fights. Learn the English language because it will help you procure the most worthwhile relationships in life. I very much regret that I can communicate with English people only in writing. In March, I will probably have a couple of presentations to give in Lud- wigshafen bei Mannheim.[5] If that falls during school holidays, I will invite you there. Write me the exact time of your holidays so that, if possible, I can set things up accordingly. We will then spend some nice days together and do some sightsee- ing in that region. Also, give some thought to where we want to go in Switzerland in the summer, and what we should do. Kisses, your Papa 185. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] 28 January 1926 Dear Mileva, I am in complete agreement that you should borrow even more in Zurich. Hope- fully, the house will make enough profit that you can pay it back soon.[1] The busi- ness with Albert worries me a great deal. I believe, with Anschütz, that the woman has him firmly by the collar and he is too naive to correctly assess the situation.[2] In any case, we must do everything we can to prevent the disaster. Haber’s son has also already gotten married but to an intelligent, fine young lady from a healthy family.[3] I would also like such a thing. I will probably have to go to Ludwigshafen bei Mannheim for a few days in March to give two lectures there.[4] If so, I will write you more specifics. If it falls during Tete’s Easter holidays, I’ll invite him to come there too. Then, we can spend a few days together and have a bit of a look at that beautiful area. Dolly didn’t particularly impress me [5] her mother, much more. She is, however, quite good-looking for her years, but a superficial, average person, like too many who run around in the big city. The ICIC met recently in Paris.[6] Traveling by way of Zurich would have been way too circuitous the more so, since it is in the middle of the semester. So, I will certainly come in summer and stay for some time with Tete in Switzerland. The rel. theory has now been quite satisfactorily proven experimentally. However, the prob- lem of the connection between gravity and electricity has been shipwrecked, at least in my opinion. Theoretical physics is now terribly thorny.[7] I’m glad the boys
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