3 4 D O C U M E N T S 1 0 , 1 1 J U N E 1 9 2 5 10. To Paul Ehrenfest [Berlin,] 21 June 1925 Dear Ehrenfest, Why so many words. I’m coming to Leyden whenever you want, and will cer- tainly write the article about Julius if you wish to help me with it.[1] You wouldn’t have to have expended so much eloquence given the profound affection that I have for Julius himself and his family.[2] It is good that Tania[3] has remained the way she was she should stay that way, and she will no doubt do so. I’m not going to Petersburg and also not to Pasadena [4] from now on, I must spare my nerves more, and so should you. You see, there’s nothing like good intentions… If you go to Russia, which one cannot talk you out of, given your weakness for all things Rus- sian, I hope to see you on your trip through here. In August I’m going to Kiel with my boys [5] otherwise, I’m staying here where it’s nice and quiet during vacation. I again have great hope of tackling electricity.[6] Warm regards to all of you, your Einstein 11. To Eduard Einstein [Berlin,] 22 June 1925 Dear Tete, Letter from Bergson just came, communicating that it is still totally uncertain when our session can take place.[1] So I am inviting Mama[2] and you to come here right at the beginning of your holidays and stay with us. If she doesn’t want that, then you come here alone if she also doesn’t want that, you will stay in Katzen- stein’s clinic.[3] I still can’t leave here in July, partly because I was away for so long, partly because important scientific work keeps me here. The cacti are for the most part in good condition and are being well taken care of by Margot.[4] A few died later as a result of the trip. The others are being kept in the room and get a bit of water only every couple of days. However, it would be very good if Mama her- self took care of transporting them to Zurich. In early August we will go on to Kiel, so the 3 of us will be there for another few days.[5] Warm regards to all of you, your Papa
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