5 1 8 D O C U M E N T S 5 2 0 , 5 2 1 M A Y 1 9 2 7 520. To Max Born [Berlin, after 8 May 1927][1] Dear Born, Just now I see that I sloppily forgot to also enclose this sheet for you.[2] So you couldn’t understand the other one. Please forgive me. Last week I submitted to the Academy a short paper in which I showed that very specific motions can be as- signed to Schrödinger’s wave mechanics, without any statistical interpretation.[3] It’s appearing imminently in the Sitz. Ber. Kind regards, your A. Einstein 521. From Leo Kohn 2 Rundell Road, Maida Hill, London W. 9, 13 May 1927 Confidential. Dear Professor Einstein, I promised you when I was recently in Berlin to keep you informed about the ongoing university affairs, and, accordingly, I would like to communicate the fol- lowing to you: First, I am enclosing the copy of the letter that Professor Landau sent here during my absence in Germany,[1] in which he expresses himself about the qualifications of the various candidates for the Mathematics Institute, whose applications I sent him.[2] I too had referred to Dr. Gromer[3] in my letter, although there was no ap- plication from him. Perhaps you can review the matter sometime and let me know what you think about it and what the response could possibly be to the hiring of Dr. G. In the affairs of the university, very little that is new has happened during the last six months. There can no longer be a question at all of any kind of influence by the circle outside of Palestine. Virtually the entire leadership of the university is con- centrated in Jerusalem the Munich decisions exist only on paper.[4] What we hear indirectly from there is not very encouraging. Kligler’s appointment as director of the Hygiene Institute has proven to be a serious blunder [5] he is being represented to us now from various sides as a very undesirable addition. By way of illustration, I am enclosing a copy of a confidential letter[6] that Mr. Kisch, the chair of the Zi- onist Executive in Palestine, recently sent to us here about him.[7] In a report that I
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