4 4 D O C U M E N T S 1 8 2 0 J U L Y 1 9 2 5 Now, the next question is whether the theory developed here makes the exis- tence of singularity-free, centrally symmetric electric masses understandable. I have taken up this problem together with Dr. J. Grommer, who has been loyally supporting me with all calculations in the area of general relativity in the last few years.[10] I thank him kindly on this occasion, as well as the International Education Board for making this long-term collaboration with Mr. Grommer possible. 18. To Maja Winteler-Einstein Berlin, 12 July 1925 Dear Sister, It’s been a long long time since I’ve written to you. […] I am now again on the League of Nations Committee.[1] They were initially very critical of me here, but the fellows are gradually getting used to the idea of joining the League of Nations.[2] 19. To Otto Grautoff [1] [Berlin,] 13 July 1925 Dear Dr. Grauthoff, The substance of the brochure[2] is right but the spirit of it is poor. The learned men did not have the magnanimity here either to repent their sins against the Holy Ghost publicly and officially and so one should not demand the same of those out- side. In this whole situation, which is most grievously shameful for our civilized world, it is lucky that both parties have acted so abominably that they can well shake hands again without either one being granted absolution. Respectfully yours, A. Einstein 20. To Robert A. Millikan[1] [Berlin,] 13 July 1925 Dear Prof. Millikan, This letter makes me cross. For I must unfortunately inform you that I probably will be unable to come to Pasadena at all.[2] I was, in fact, in South America this
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