D O C U M E N T 6 7 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 5 7 5 much as possible.[5] Tete is lanky, almost taller than me or Albert, a bookworm, ingeniously untidy, unreliable. He writes poetry, plays Bach from memory, but is quite childish and impractical. Albert is somewhat coarse, a bit domineering, very industrious and clever, orderly, willing to take responsibility, reliable, not exactly good-natured and considerate, somewhat withdrawn, not particularly well- organized, very musical. He’s coming to Kiel to work in the factory when he finishes next summer, and starting in a relatively superior position straight away.[6] They are pleased to get him there, which is indeed warranted. In the summer, I visited Miza, who has now become relatively reconciled to her fate.[7] But a solidly entrenched grudge against everyone I call my family has been implanted into the boys. That is fate’s revenge for the fact that I married a foreigner.[8] But it could have turned out even worse. We’re having continuously bad weather here so it’s impossible to do anything other than work. There’s hardly even any sailing. The heating is on already! So, have a good time together. Best wishes, also to Pauli,[9] from your Albert 67. To Hans Ludendorff[1] [Berlin,] 15 September 1925 Dear Colleague, [First, some routine messages. Then, continuing:][2] We are all very grateful that you generously made the resolution of the Delbrück matter[3] easier for us. I got the impression that you made the sacrifice for no one unworthy. As for Mr. Freundlich, you certainly know my opinion.[4] In any case, I too have broken off personal relations with him and could have added even more rather nice “tidbits” to the list of sins you cited. He is among the very few with whom I considered such a rough attitude necessary. However, I do respect his or- ganizational merits and act accordingly, as you also did most commendably on the occasion of his appointment. Thus, we both serve the cause even though we do not much value the man and the scientist. He is not worth fretting about. Kind regards, yours sincerely, A. Einstein
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