4 0 4 D O C U M E N T 4 2 8 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 6 Earth agreed with each other.[3] I explicitly emphasized to Mr. Hale that I had drawn this wisdom from Mr. Pauli. At that time, Pauli was very interested in learn- ing how certain the numerical data re. the Sun’s magnetic field was, and I remem- ber that during a later discussion, Prof. P. P. Koch,[4] who was here at the time of those measurements, expressed considerable doubts about their reliability. I there- fore asked Prof. Hale for his own opinion and whether the envisaged new series of measurements had yielded the same result, because the result would be important in any event. The conversation then came to a premature end through a visit by Prof. Millikan,[5] whom Prof. Hale immediately and enthusiastically told about our conversation, whereupon Prof. Millikan declared that he had already known about it for a while and that a paper by you on this matter had recently appeared. I hope that these lines will contribute toward a clarification of some passages of the letter, where the name Pauli is substituted for yours as the warrantor, and that you will grant me absolution. If required, at your request, I shall ask Mr. Hale to confirm my assertions. Respectfully and sincerely yours, W. Baade 428. From Walther Meißner[1] Friedenau, Rotdornstr. 3, 5 December 1926 Dear Professor, Unfortunately, I was only able to get to the calculations pertaining to the degen- eracy of gas yesterday and today, because they were more involved than I had thought. The observations are not presented in an appropriate form. I hope the enclosed results are useful to you.[2] I find it remarkable that the de- viations from the ideal gas equation for H2 and He lie along the lines of your de- generacy equation.[3] I hope that I did not miscalculate. But if you would like to use my data as a basis for a publication, I would check my calculations again and exe- cute them more precisely. For instance, I did not have a calculating machine at home, which made the computation more difficult and reduced its accuracy. As relates to the diffusion of adsorbed gases in carbon, experiments by Pollitzer at Höllriegelskreuth came out negative, by the way![4] With kind regards, yours sincerely, W. Meißner
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