3 3 6 D O C U M E N T S 3 2 8 , 3 2 9 J U L Y 1 9 2 6 328. To Elsa Einstein Geneva, 22 July 1926 Dear Else, The meetings don’t start until tomorrow.[1] I am enjoying the solitude and am again staying at the Hotel d’Angleterre, where I am starting to feel at home. I spoke in great detail with A.[2] It was good, because he urgently needs my help. When I go back to Zurich on my way home, I will talk with everyone involved. Between M. and A., a relationship has evolved that is quite similar to the earlier one between me and M. (in other words, a bad, insincere one).[3] A. is a very good, proper fel- low, who gives me joy. I noticed nothing abnormal he was grateful. A proper “re- lationship” is there, which I, however, find completely okay. Everything depends on how the other part is that remains to be seen. I will probably go with Tete into the Rhone Valley to Montana Vermala (1400m), but not for very long.[4] It’s not certain yet. So, write to me at the H. d. Angleterre. Michele and Anna[5] were very kind and attentive to me. The latter has, as a hobby, foster children, which is actually very nice, particularly considering her modest conditions. The former is still very brilliant, but, unfortunately, not very fit for work. Edith is getting married, as I already wrote I will meet her future husband (physicist) on the return trip.[6] I received your letters in Bern, where Mileva sent them. I have now taken the decisive step against Magnes.[7] No one gets my ad- dress, so that I cannot be bombarded. Hopefully, things are going tolerably well with you. Best wishes, your Albert 329. To Elsa Einstein [Geneva,] Sunday [25 July 1926] Dear Else, Yesterday, your dispirited letter of the 23rd reached me. You need not lament so much, because your mother does not experience her condition with the intensity of a healthy person.[1] You also need not expect an imminent end that is not very likely. You must passively endure it as a necessary part of fate and also take the good as it may be offered.[2] Our meetings will probably last until Thursday eve- ning. Then I plan to go to the mountains with Tete[3] (Hotel Terminus, Montana Vermala, Valais). That isn’t totally certain. I do not want to speak to Magnes.[4] There is no point in my squabbling with him. Let the Board of Governors do as it
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