D O C U M E N T 9 1 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 5 1 0 9 and if this is introduced into (28) If, finally, the three indices in (22) are the same, then the equation becomes Substitution of the value in (30) yields Thus all the formulas I indicated in the same letter for , , , and , as well as for , are derived and further relations cannot be derived out of equa- tion (22) of this postscript. You probably already noticed that typographical errors had crept into your equa- tion (8). It should read (if I am not mistaken) . In (6) the last term should read . 91. To Arthur S. Eddington [Berlin,] 20 October 1925 Dear Colleague, Please send me your article about Planck’s radiation law[1] so I can report on it at the Colloquium. The result about the Sirius companion[2] interested me greatly and likewise your fine book about relativity theory.[3] This summer I published a new attempt to explain the relationship between gravity and electricity.[4] Unfortu- nately, I have already returned to the position that I must think skeptically about it. I will nevertheless send you the article. Warm regards, yours sincerely, A. Einstein 2gμμΓαα μ = Γαα μ 1 2 -- - gμμ(…) = gααΓμα α = Γμα α gαα(……) = gμμΓμμ μ 2gμμϕμ + = ϕμ Γμμ μ +–= Γαμ α Γμα α Γμμ μ + + –= Γαν μ Γαα μ Γαμ μ Γμα μ ϕα 2gμα© g ∂log ∂xα ----------------- Γαβ¹ β + § · gμα( Γαβ β Γβα β ) δβ© μ§ ∂gβα ∂xα ---------- - gσαΓσα¹ β + · + + 0 = Γβα β
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