V O L U M E 1 4 , D O C U M E N T S 4 6 7 a , 4 7 7 a 2 5 Vol. 14, 467a. “To the Jewish Intellectuals” [Einstein 1925g] Dated before 1 April 1925[1] Published April/May 1925 In: Jüdische Akademische Tribüne (April/May 1925): 3–4. The World Federation of Jewish Students is well aware of the great importance the University of Jerusalem has for the Jewish Nation, and will have even more in the future. It is the first time, since we have been living scattered among the na- tions, that the Jewish Community has established an enterprise for the fostering of universal cultural assets. It opens as a research institution, and will later be trans- formed into a teaching university, when Palestine has been further developed.[4] At present, young Jewish people in some countries are suffering from intellectual privation.[5] We see the University of Jerusalem as the first step toward intellectual independence, which we need in order to overcome this plight and to allow the dor- mant intellectual powers of the Jewish nation to develop. *) The above message was received by the World Federation of Jewish Students from Albert Ein- stein with the wish that it be conveyed to Jewish academic circles.[2] It was read by the president of the World Federation, Dr. Lauterpacht, London, on the occasion of the ceremonial inauguration of the University in Jerusalem.[3] Vol. 14, 477a. Aphorism [Montevideo, between 24 April and 1 May 1925][1] As fate would have it, this isn’t the only time when I have been chosen as the bellwether. Albert Einstein, Montevideo 1925 [p. 3] [p. 4]
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