4 8 8 D O C U M E N T 4 9 1 T O P R A G U E U R A N I A 491. Message for the Tenth Anniversary of the Prague “Urania” [Einstein 1927g] Dated 26 February 1927 Published March–April 1927 In: Urania 4, 3/4 (March–April 1927): 9. It has often been correctly said that our time is distinguished, on the one hand, by high scientific achievements and, on the other, by a flattening of the public’s horizon. Not only is the exaggerated passion for sports to blame for this, but also a certain arrogance of intellectually productive people they very often lack the vivid sense of the fact that they owe the opportunity for intellectual creation to the free- dom enabled by the labor of the others. From this relationship, a noble obligation arises, whose fulfillment is a blessing to all. “Urania” is a successful institution for the fulfillment of this obligation it thus deserves respect and imitation. May it meet with rich success and thriving development.[1] Respectfully, A. Einstein 492. From Arthur S. Eddington [Cambridge,] 2 March 1927 [See documentary edition for English text.] 493. Statement on the Blasphemy Trial of James Carter [1] [Berlin, after 2 March 1927][2] [See Doc. 497 in documentary edition for English translation.]
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