D O C U M E N T S 4 4 , 4 5 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 6 1 44. To Elsa Einstein [Kiel,] Friday [14 August 1925] Dear Else, Everything’s going well. I performed a couple of nice experiments with Albert.[1] Today, Tete has to leave for home, which saddens him.[2] He has been sleeping until 11 and has generally had a very good and lazy time. Kiel is a splendid place to stay. The factory, the sailboat… and, this year, we didn’t freeze at all.[3] But it’s never unpleasantly hot. You get a good rest too I’ll write you punctually from now on so you won’t imagine the worst. Warm regards from your Albert 45. To Mileva Einstein-Marić Neumühlen, Kiel, Heikendorfer Weg 23, 14 August 1925 Dear Mileva, I was so delighted by your letter, which had a warm and contented ring to it, as has not been the case since the beginning of time.[1] Let’s keep it that way until our dying day. I also want to seize any opportunity to stop off at your place. Above all, I ask you to come right out and say so when something is disagreeable to you, in- stead of keeping it bottled up inside. I can lend you the 1200 Fr.[2] Just let me know when you want to have it. The concerns about Albert seem to be unjustified, inasmuch as he does not seem to feel tied down.[3] On the other hand, he obviously suffers under strong inhibi- tions towards the opposite sex. There, it is not so easy to help him. I intend to try unobtrusively to instruct him a bit, as well as I can. Otherwise, Albert is a splendid fellow, since, in him, the emotional is in good harmony with the intellect. He is considerate and has a sense of responsibility and initiative. With Tete,[4] it is much more difficult. His intellectual disposition is per- haps even stronger. However, balance and a sense of responsibility seem to be lack- ing (egoism too strong). Too little inner connection with other people and too much ambition. This engenders a sense of isolation and a kind of anxiety as well as inhi- bitions of another kind. He actually takes a lot after me, but in him it is even more pronounced. He is an interesting little fellow, but life will not be easy for him. One must foster his relationships with other people on the other hand, he should not be overly managed (Albert!), since, otherwise, his nature cannot establish itself, especially his decision-making ability, which is so essential in life.—
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