2 2 V O L U M E 1 4 , D O C U M E N T 2 8 3 a You cannot go back to a friendly relationship with the Mühsams, no matter how much I would like that.[11] Everything is construed as evil when such a pressure acts on the subconscious. I know this from myself, and I am a creature little bur- dened by feelings. It is very sweet of you to send me another cake. But, if you had any idea what kind of feasting we unfortunately pursue here, you wouldn’t have done it. Mr. Anschütz is in this regard no critic—he practices it with artistry! It means a constant stress on my social sense, but there’s nothing I can do. You need not send me anything to read. I am fully occupied and would have a hard time get- ting around to it. We have already been sailing, but the weather is still quite inclem- ent here. You should have sent the Jewish students’ letter to me sooner. I will respond immediately, but am afraid that it is already too late. The quiet life fortifies the nerves extraordinarily, and reduces sensitivity to a healthy level. That would also do you good. You would feel better in your own skin, and you would view many things about which you get so upset with a smile and with serenity. You should also get yourself a female Anschütz! Warm regards to you and your parents, Margot, Ilse, and Rudi,[12] from your Albert Vol. 14, 283a. To the Swiss Foreign Ministry Berlin, 10 July 1924 I, the undersigned, hereby take the opportunity to request the issuance of a dip- lomatic passport.[1] I am a citizen of the Canton and the City of Zurich[2] and live in Berlin, where I am employed as a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Some time ago, I was appointed as a member of the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations[3] and must, consequently, frequently travel to Geneva to the meetings of the League of Nations. In addition, I would like to mention that I am to present a celebratory lecture at the Swiss Natural Scientists meeting in Lucerne in October,[4] and that I hold an official position in Holland.[5] I respectfully ask you to facilitate the fulfillment of my obligations through this privilege. I ask you to send the passport to the address of the above-referenced League of Nations Committee, where I will be assuming my activities beginning the 25th of this month. Respectfully yours, A. Einstein
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