5 2 4 D O C U M E N T 5 2 7 M A Y 1 9 2 7 526. To Joaquim Bensaúde Berlin, 25 May 1927 [See documentary edition for English text.] 527. To Leo Kohn Berlin, 28 May 1927 Dear Mr. Kohn, I spoke with Warburg before your letter in this regard arrived on the other hand, your detailed communication about the new developments in the university admin- istration had already been received.[1] Although I knew that Warburg is a close friend of Magnes,[2] I openly told him that, in my opinion, Magnes does not rea- sonably satisfy the demands made on him either with regard to his intelligence or his loyalty and trustworthiness. I also left him no doubt about the fact that my in- volvement is out of the question under the present circumstances and that I have not formally resigned from the Board of Governors only in order to avoid causing unnecessary harm to the cause. I would like to inform you that a Dr. Hufnagel, a theoretical astronomer, is seek- ing a position at the university [3] I am enclosing my letter to Landau in this regard, in which my opinion is again stressed that theoretical, not experimental, institutes are our primary interest.[4] Your letter in the Bensaude matter is in my possession. The enclosed draft seems to me in need of changes in 2 respects.[5] 1/. it seems in effect inadmissible to me that anything be said therein about the amount of the sums to be endowed. 2/. I would like to express the wish that the granting of stipends be transferred to a spe- cial committee, of which I would be a lifetime member. You see, I would like to prevent that discretion over these monies falls into the same hands in which, unfor- tunately, other monies of our institutions are. It would perhaps be best if the dispo- sition of the stipends were placed in my hands and in those of a second person who would be appointed by me. Upon the death of one of these two, the survivor would again have to designate the second person. If this does not seem feasible, the num- ber could also be increased to 3. If this entire proposal does not meet with approval there, and I am not certain that the distribution of stipends is in the hands of people who have my trust, I will refuse to sign a letter in this regard. I will always behave in this manner from this day forward. With kind regards, A. Einstein 1 enclosure[6]
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