D O C U M E N T S 3 7 4 , 3 7 5 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 6 3 6 5 374. To Elsa Einstein [Leyden,] Monday [4 October 1926][1] Dear Else, You’re completely right about Dunn. Ehrenfest didn’t know anything about this whole appointment business which I had completely forgotten about.[2] He also ad- mits you are completely right. So, just do it then for God’s sake, with the ministry, but soon, so we are not stretched too thin by it. Grommer[3] is already a bit nuts, he has also written impudently to me. He certainly can’t do anything about it nor can I. Once I have gotten rid of him with all courtly consideration, I will slaughter a pig as an offering to Venus in gratitude. I am very sorry that you are having to endure so much with Auntie.[4] You truly have such a sad life all the time that it pains me. When I return to Berlin, either we will go out more often or I will have a radio made for you so you have some distraction. There’s even one at the Ehrenfest house that’s all the rage and unrelentingly occupies both old and young. Tania isn’t marrying Ardenne, so it seems [5] she is incredibly talented mathematically. The house is somewhat deserted. If Mrs. Ehrenfest’s mother[6] were not there, the rats and spi- ders would soon control the situation. So, I’m traveling to Kiel on Sunday, exactly according to our plan. I want to see how things will go there. I believe I will be able to make use of my thick skin for the delicate confrontation.[7] Ehrenfest saw one of the two inventions that I made with Grünberg demonstrated in Berlin already in the year 1902.[8] Then, the matter was completely forgotten again because the time was not ripe for it. Therefore, we will not benefit from it at all. The funny thing is that Ehrenfest believes he saw the thing at Prof. Boas’s this is, however, not certain.[9] Now, best wishes from your Albert 375. From Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Zurich, between 4 and 15 October 1926][1] Dear Albert, It already seems like an eternity to me since you were here![2] It is too bad that that happens so seldom you should come more often! I am glad that you liked the
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