D O C U M E N T S 4 2 , 4 3 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 5 9 help.[3] It’s a good thing you didn’t travel.[4] That would have been disastrous. We are very much enjoying ourselves here. A mixture of fun and work beyond one’s best imagination. Warm regards to Margot and Rudi[5] as well, your Albert I am still delighted that Margot wrote me so much. Mother has already sent me 2 telegrams from H.[6] That’s the kind of man one must have! 42. To Elsa Einstein Neumühlen, Kiel, Heikendorfer Weg 23, 11 August [1925][1] Dear Else! I had written to you in Berlin when you probably had already left.[2] I also wrote to you in Hechingen (after the first telegram), but without knowing where you are staying. It will be a miracle if this letter reaches you, but I’m trying once again. We are spending a lovely holiday here.[3] We sail and play music a lot. Albert works in the factory until 4.[4] At present, we are experimenting a bit together.[5] Tete[6] has to go home on Friday, since his vacation is over. The lad is rather gifted but awk- ward. I got good reports from Ilse and Margot.[7] I just hope that with a lot of patience Ilse will be able to get well again.[8] She has much in common with me, stomach ulcers and first treated for gallstones.[9] Margot would like to go to the sea- side again in September. If she doesn’t go to Italy,[10] we can probably let her. Mileva wants to squeeze 1200 Fr. from me, since she had to make large repairs to the house (roof) and currently does not have enough. I think we can give it to her from the interest on the Karr money.[11] Enjoy your holidays and don’t always be such a worrier. Send me your addresses otherwise nothing will ever reach you. 43. From Maja Winteler-Einstein Colonnata (Florence), 13 August 1925 My Dears, It’s always a special pleasure for me when a letter from you arrives.[1] And this time even more importantly it brought nothing but good news! Ilse is getting better, and there is the prospect of complete healing![2] I can imagine how happy you are about that, and a heavy weight fell from my heart as well when I read this good
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