D O C U M E N T 4 4 9 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 7 4 4 3 So, in summary: Do not fret, and get used to the idea of letting Albert go. Biske has, unfortunately—after I took care of and paid for his entry—not been heard from.[10] I will have to wait with the inquiries until another Russian academic to whom I can entrust such a matter comes to me. The official route seems not to lead to the goal.[11] Best regards to you and Tete from your Albert 449. From Mileva Einstein-Marić [Zurich, after 10 January 1927][1] Dear Albert, Your latest letter pleased me very much [2] you speak in it of empathy & other nice things, which seemed all the nicer to me, as I was quite depressed and still am, because of my otherwise so dear Adn.[3] When you first wrote that he should come ¢from here² to your place,[4] I said I would consider it very reasonable for him to go, but met absolute resistance. He said that he would like to have something first (i.e., a job), there was no point in going, etc., plus other phrases from which I saw that he thought that someone didn’t want him to go.[5] Now, however, hopes with regard to a job appear not to have been realized [6] it is, in fact, very difficult to come by anything suitable here and he now wants to come to you, next week if pos- sible. If you want to have him for a while, perhaps you will manage at least a bit to make him see reason [7] I have, to be sure, little hope, because imagine how many promises and oaths will be gotten from him before he is allowed to leave, and he is a much too good and too honest a fellow not to keep the promises made. One must, of course, not speak too much about it with him and push him because he will im- mediately recognize a motive and will possibly run away the best thing would be to get him into some kind of interesting profession, where he has a lot to do, earns little for it, and could spend his free time in good company. All of that is, of course, not so easy, but I gladly place the matter in your hands because I am already utterly worn out. If you would like to make it clear to Albert that his behavior toward his mother is at least inappropriate, even if she does not always have the same opinion he has, I would be very grateful to you for that but don’t tell him that he should not come to me my home is ultimately his home and it should always remain open to him and he will now leave as expected since he is finished with his studies,[8] but he can always come back whenever he feels like it. Ultimately, I have nothing else in this world other than these two boys I would not like to drive them away
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