D O C U M E N T S 8 4 , 8 5 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 5 9 5 84. To Paul Ehrenfest [Berlin,] 3 October 1925 Dear Ehrenfest, You have gone (completely) meschugge! Because Ornstein does not want to do his duty in the Kramers matter, you want—to go to Utrecht.[1] No. Where Kramers sits in Holland does not matter. I cannot take seriously the sentimentality that Kramers must occupy Lorentz’s chair instead of you.[2] Incidentally, it remains doubtful whether Kramers would have a more beneficial effect in Leyden than you you know that very well.— I believe the matter has to be understood in this way: O. made promises to Burger.[3] However, if you wanted to go to Utrecht, O. would feel in the clear vis- à-vis B. From this I conclude: If one succeeds in bringing Kramers to Utrecht over O.’s objections, everything would be fine, and even O. would be satisfied. Only, it must not be required of O. that he do it. You and your people must, therefore, cat- egorically advocate for K. with the faculty and with the Ministry, as is right, and everything will go well. Perhaps you can force the Ministry—if Lorentz does not want to exercise his authority—to turn to foreign “authorities.” It is out of the question that O. will go to Palestine in the foreseeable future. I am fully informed about the circumstances there. Warm regards, your Einstein 85. To Max von Laue [Berlin,] 3 October 1925 Dear Laue, I am hereby sending you a request that is certainly justified in and of itself, ap- proval of which should, nevertheless, be out of the question for us.[1] Perhaps you can, however, give the man some advice.— I told you—I believe—that Tomaschek plans to “miller” on the Zugspitze.[2] Picard (Swiss physicist, Brussels), whom you know, likewise intends to “miller” and in a balloon, no less.[3] What can we possibly do to bring some method to this madness? It would be a terrible shame if too much money were spent on this—al- together dubious business.[4] Best regards, your Einstein
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