1 9 2 D O C U M E N T 1 7 4 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 6 I am very grateful to you for the conversation that you granted me in the pres- ence of my dear friends Lorentz and Curie.[2] Immediately after my return, I con- tacted Haber.[3] Haber spoke today with the responsible authorities of the Reich and of Prussia, the outcome of which Haber has just informed me so that I can re- port about it to you. The government agencies are resolved to do everything in order to facilitate the adherence of German (and Austrian) scholars and scholarly societies to the inter- national organizations.[4] ¢Above all² They also want every precaution to be taken in order not to deter the more conservative elements among scholars here. For rea- sons that will be discussed below, they convey to you the request that the prospect you gave of an invitation to an unofficial discussion, a step which has been ¢generally² joyfully applauded, be postponed for a short time ¢until I write you again². The reason is as follows. As has already been mentioned during our discussions on Saturday, the consor- tium of German Academies met in Vienna, where the matters of interest to us were negotiated.[5] It was resolved to immediately send out a deputation to the Dutch academy[6] in order to seek information there. Haber now thinks it would be good to await the outcome of this discussion so that people here do not gain the impres- sion that one wanted to thwart their intentions or forestall them. This seems to be all the more important, as Mr. Lorentz will certainly ¢easily² succeed in creating the right atmosphere for the unofficial negotiations envisioned by you. As soon as I learn of any news in this matter, I shall write to you again. Mean- while, kind regards, yours sincerely, A. E. 174. From Erwin Schrödinger Zurich, 21 January 1926 Dear Professor, On 4 December I sent to you, separately, a letter and the manuscript on the ther- modynamics of the gas model with equidistant energy values measured in a phase volume.[1] Forgive me for wanting to reassure myself that you really have received both. It occurs to me that in the end it might be possible that the letter arrived but the ms. got lost. And it is known that the nonoccurrence of one event, and a not particularly important one at that, is something that does not belong to any definite quadruple of coordinates and for that reason may under certain conditions fail to exert its influence. It would be possible that you simply forgot about the matter.
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