2 0 V O L . 1 0 , D O C . 1 0 9 a , V O L . 1 2 , D O C . 3 2 a Vol. 7, 30a. Verse for Cornelia Wolff-Gerstle[1] [Berlin, between 19 January and 29 February 1920][2] [Not selected for translation.] Vol. 10, 109a. To Leo Winz[1] [Berlin], 27 August 1920 Dear Sir, I was very amused by the letter, which has not officially reached me yet. It is a joy to relive the author’s passion for his own ingenuity. The way the writer endear- ingly distilled the “Jewish faith” may well be comparable to an artfully bred green- house plant that does not tolerate the slightest breeze but does otherwise look very honorable. There is also a sanctimonious sweetness to it that is difficult to define, whereas the beginning reads more like the heroic style of a historical novel. I ap- parently still haven’t plunged deeply enough into it to be properly remorseful and contrite—I don’t feel any of that right now. But the Glauber’s salt does need time to work so please be patient and wait, oh human being, until you feel something! In contrast, the book by Sammy Gronemann[2] did immediately strike me. He is a blessed fellow to write like that. I have rarely come across such a gem. If I am found one morning burst apart in bed, it would be from laughter during my bedtime read. I cannot imagine a finer death. The author can be sure of one passionate repeat-reader, all right. To me this book towers far above any trend to which, su- perficially regarded, it may owe its origin. In any case, I shall always be grateful to you for having acquainted me with it. Respectfully yours, A. Einstein Vol. 12, 32a. To Adolf Busch[1] [Berlin, 26 January 1921?][2] Dear Mr. Busch, With a heavy heart I had to forgo attending your and your young friend’s[3] con- cert yesterday. My daughter Margot,[4] who was there, came home as happy as I have hardly ever seen her. However, I had to play at a small celebration with an 80- year-old friend to whom I had already specifically made a promise 3 weeks ago. So, I ask you to forgive my absence and to accept my heartfelt thanks for your kind- ness. Warm regards to you, Mr. Serkin, your wife, and your child[5] from your A. Einstein
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