D O C U M E N T 1 6 1 M I L L E R S E X P E R I M E N T S 1 8 1 161. “My Theory and Miller’s Experiments” [Einstein 1926g] Dated between 11 and 16 January 1926[1] Published 19 January 1926 In: Vossische Zeitung, 19 January 1926, p. 1. The Berlin correspondent of the Hearst Press, D. D. Tolischus,[2] cables his newspapers the following article in response to the doubts about the relativity the- ory that have been raised by the experiments of professor Dayton C. Miller in America. We are publishing this article by permission of the American company. Since the experiments of D. Miller are presently the main focus of attention, I deem it appropriate to voice my opinion of the significance of these experiments in this public venue. If the results of Miller’s experiments should indeed be confirmed,[3] the relativ- ity theory could not be upheld. Because in that case, the experiments would prove that, with reference to the coordinate system of a suitable state of movement (earth), the vacuum speed of light was dependent upon direction. Thus the principle of the constancy of the speed of light would have been proven wrong, which con- stitutes one of the two cornerstones of the theory. However, in my opinion there is hardly any probability of Mr. Miller being right. His results are irregular and rather suggest a yet undetected source of error than a systematic effect. Furthermore, Miller’s results are actually hardly credible because they claim the speed of light was strongly dependent upon altitude above sea level.[4] A German physicist (To- maschek) also recently undertook an electrical experiment at considerable altitude above sea level (Trouton-Noble experiment), whose result contradicts Miller’s re- sult insofar as it speaks for the absence of an “ether wind” at high altitudes.[5] To summarize: if you, dear reader, wanted to use this interesting scientific situ- ation to make a bet, I recommend you bet that Miller's experiments will prove faulty, or that his results have nothing to do with an “ether wind.” I myself would be quite happy to put my money on that. Translators’ note: Based on a translation by Daniela-Sabina Bruckner.
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