D O C U M E N T 5 6 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 6 7 much in the dark. Namely, I do not know what “foreign law” is. One time, while I was still in the K[aiser] W[ilhelm] Society’s senate, I was present at a meeting (it was probably 3/4 years ago) during which there was talk about the founding of an institute for “foreign law.”[3] At the time I did not doubt that “law valid abroad” should be understood by it, and not “the law as it applies abroad.” That is why it did not occur to me that it would involve matters of international law, as appears to be the case according to your letters.[4] According to Harnack’s letter, it seems we are dealing with accomplished facts that cannot be changed.[5] I must say that these local people puzzle me greatly with their self-confidence, intolerance, brutality, and narrow-mindedness. But, on the other hand, I have too little deep experience with the rest of the world to be able to draw comparisons. For lack of proof to the contrary, I think that they aren’t better either, but are just unpleasant in a different way. That is why I don’t give a hoot about what they say and do, whenever possible, and without any bitterness, in that I gladly do what I can to good effect, without regard for their reaction. I am even satisfied if, now and then, I come across a well-meaning and upright man, such as you. Do not complain about being in a social vacuum for that is the fate of all those who are neither stupid nor lacking in character. Just don’t think that it’s different for me in this regard. Please do not be annoyed with me for my candid manner of speaking, and please do not regard this as arrogant. It’s so good to be able to speak openly, for once, to a like-minded person who is in a similar situation! Kind regards from your A. Einstein P.S. I’m enclosing Harnack’s reply. 56. To Elsa Einstein [Kiel, 25 August 1925] Dear Else, Everything comes to an end, even the time for taking it easy. On Saturday I’ll also return home. Oh, and I’ve invented something very nice for Anschütz, but, other than Albert, no one knows about it. Since, in fact, this item could be signifi- cant for Siemens as well, I want to ensure my fair share.[1] ¢Tell Grommer[2] he should only² Hopefully, all of you are well and, in particular, Ilse’s condition has improved. Margot should get away again she has earned it.[3] Warm wishes to you, the children, and the grandparents[4] from your Albert
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