D O C U M E N T 5 8 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 5 6 9 IV. The simplest implementation of this idea seems to me to be: V. The essential point merely seems to be: A rotating field is influenced by mag- netic rotors or else by short-circuit armatures in such a way that its strength varies in different directions. Many rotating fields (stators) are coupled electrically or magnetically such that the anisotropy in the magnetic field of the first stator gener- ated by the rotors produces a magnetic anisotropy in the other stators, which leads to a preferential position for the rotors. Warm regards to all of you, especially to Mr. Otto.[4] Unfortunately, I seriously damaged two sheets in one of his yellow notebooks, about which mishap the at- tached poem supplies information. Your A. Einstein 58. To Robert A. Millikan Berlin, 1 September 1925[1] Dear Colleague, Your kind letter of July 25 was (belatedly) forwarded to me while on vacation. From it, I note again how carefully you considered everything concerning my orig- inally planned trip to Pasadena.[2] Now I am doubly sorry that I am not sufficiently robust to undertake this trip. I must thank you once again for all the kindness and solicitude. I am very curious about what you and Mr. Epstein have in store for gathering new experimental material on the “ether drift” question.[3] Privately, I do not be- lieve in the correctness of Miller’s result but have no right to say so publicly.[4] Dis- regarding any particular theory, it seems to me almost impossible that the small difference in altitude between Cleveland and Mount Wilson could produce such a large difference in the “ether wind.”[5] What does Michelson[6] think of Miller’s experiment, I wonder?
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