D O C U M E N T S 2 0 2 , 2 0 3 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 6 2 1 9 During my visit, and from what I heard, I got the impression that he was hardly aware of the seriousness of the situation without worrying, he occupied his thoughts with things that were pleasant to him and could give him satisfaction. With kind regards, yours truly, H. A. Lorentz 202. To Maria Kamerlingh Onnes-Bijleveld 25 February 1926 Dear Mrs. Kamerlingh-Onnes, I hear through Mr. Lorentz of the severe blow that you and all of us along with you have suffered.[1] A human life that will remain a model for subsequent gener- ations has ended. He was endowed with a warm disposition toward people and rare joy and vigor in his work, and he gave himself absolutely joyfully to the service of the cause. I have scarcely known a person in whom duty and joy were so unified as in him. That engendered the cheerful harmony that emanated from him. Our death is not an end when we have lived on in our children and in the young generation. For they are us, our body is only a faded leaf on the tree of life. With deep sympathy, I extend my hand to you as an old friend, your A. Einstein 203. Private Expert Opinion in the Matter of Gesellschaft für nautische Instrumente vs. Anschütz & Co. [Berlin, 26 February 1926] Private Opinion In the Matter of Nautical Instruments Co., Ltd., Kiel, vs. the general partnership Anschütz & Co., Neumühlen, Kiel The gyrocompass of the Gesellschaft für nautische Instrumente according to patent no. 332 257[1] infringes on patent claim 1 of Anschütz patent no. 236 200.[2] This is the case because, on the defendant’s compass, from pressure applied to the grooved jaw (14) of the turned organ against the rod (12) during “an alteration in the angle setting between the rotational axis and the horizontal axis, an external ro- tational moment is brought into action around the vertical axis, which damps the
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