1 1 6 D O C U M E N T 9 6 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 5 the roof and brought you the magnificent Brazilian butterfly collection and the cacti from Brazil, inexpertly, to be sure, but with great care.[6] Nothing that I do gets the slightest recognition. All I get from you is dissatisfaction and distrust. I no longer get miffed about it because I believe it has to do with aberrations. However, you did unleash my mirth by threatening me with your memoirs. Does it not enter your mind at all that no one would care one bit about such scribblings if the man that they were about had not, coincidentally, accomplished something special? If someone is a nobody, there is nothing to object to, but one should be truly modest and keep one’s trap shut. This is my advice to you. However, if the devil doesn’t release his grip on you, write what he demands of you, for heaven’s sake. I have already had to endure so much rubbish about myself from friends[7] that I will also face yours with serenity. Now I have poured out my heart. Humbly retreat for once and don’t grumble as you usually do in similar cases. If I weren’t really good to you, I would not give you my opinion like this. Not only children need a smack now and again, but so do adults, and most especially women. Consequently, I am not angry but look forward with pleasure to seeing you again when there's another meeting in Geneva.[8] Write soon to your Albert 96. From George Y. Rainich[1] Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., 25 October 1925 Dear Mr. Einstein, You said (Ber[lin] Pruss[ian] Acad[emy], 9 July 1925, p. 414):[2] “It appears to me that a convincing account of this connection (between the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field) has not been found as of now.” I have the audacity to conclude from this that at the time you had not read my paper (Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., January 1925),[3] in which I believe to have shown that within the framework of your original general theory of relativity a definite place is found for the electric quantities. Namely, uniquely determines the elec- tromagnetic field up to a constant of integration. I permit myself to send you an- other copy of this paper by registered mail. Sincerely, G. Y. Rainich Rij
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