5 2 D O C U M E N T S 3 0 , 3 1 J U L Y 1 9 2 5 30. Verse for Baker of Yeast Cake [Berlin or Kiel, between ca. 23 July and 14 August 1925?][1] The two Alberts and Tete[2] Blissfully out-pigged each other. The yeast cake[3] quickly disappeared. Soon nothing more of it could be found. With heavy belly and light heart, We pay tribute to our benefactor.[4] [5] 31. From Paul Epstein[1] [Pasadena,] 25 July 1925 Dear Professor, Many thanks for your kind note that you sent me before your departure for South America. We have recently been angered by indiscreet newspaper reports in which your upcoming presence in Pasadena was announced.[2] I hope that this circum- stance will not deter you from your trip to visit us, which we have been so looking forward to.[3] The owner of the largest newspaper in Los Angeles is a trustee of our Institute,[4] and we also have good connections with the rest of the local press, so we are completely capable of keeping reporters out of your hair. From Lorentz we received the message that you have nothing against coming to Pasadena even without him, so we are hoping to see you here with us this winter.[5] If you would like information about the various steamer lines, I will gladly share my experience with you in this regard. By now, you yourself are an experienced traveler and are quite familiar with the virtues of the various types of steamers. In any case, please let me know in good time whether you plan to travel alone or in company, so I can take care of suitable lodging. Your theory of the monatomic gas is very exciting to me, since it implies trains of thought of tremendous consequence.[6] In contrast, I can make neither head nor tail of Planck’s remarks on the same topic.[7] With regard to Miller’s somewhat bold assertions, our circle is reacting with great reserve [8] we hope soon to be able to have his measurements verified by other observers with different types of instru- ments. Wishing you a very pleasant summer, I remain yours sincerely, Paul S. Epstein A. Einstein { senior junior T. Einstein
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