D O C U M E N T 1 9 5 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 6 2 1 1 Born manner, it is supposed to yield the same energy matrix as if one started out from , which I don’t immediately believe, however. I found a simple case that can be calculated. Grommer[10] shall perform the calculation. I’ll write you later about the result. Warm regards to you and to all of you from your Einstein Warm regards to the De Haases.[11] You can let everyone read this letter. But say that you had asked me about it, so that it doesn’t seem as though I wanted to meddle without permission. 195. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] 13 February 1926 Dear Mileva, I also think that it’s not good to drop Albert like that.[1] He is still a good fellow even though he is on the verge of doing something quite bad. It would certainly be all right if he came to Ludwigshafen instead of Tete, if he’s already on holiday.[2] My lectures there are on 1 and 2 March, if no message to the contrary arrives I have, in fact, asked, if possible, to postpone for two weeks. Actually, I wanted to come to Zurich after the lectures. However, I’m not really free, and, besides, there is always a big fuss in Zurich when I come, and I have to maneuver in such a way that no one is offended. If Albert comes, I’ll pay for his trip and lodging. Besides that, Albert will have an opportunity to have a look at the paint and nitrogen plant and to get acquainted with the engineers there. That will be exciting for him. Tete’s little missive made me very happy.[3] I will be careful not to give him anything by me to read, since he is such a severe critic that it makes one anxious. However, there is pay-back: if he himself has in fact written something, another Tete will come later and pluck his beloved feathers too. I did not mean to blame you about Albert, but you should also not blame me for having given you too little.[4] I gave you everything I had to give, and you would have had a far better income if all of you hadn’t fixated so much on the house, against which I could do nothing.[5] However, it is adequate the way it is, and it is better for the children if they don’t grow up with abundance. If you had sent Albert to Munich,[6] he would have come to a better awareness of the female sex. ¢and not have gotten caught in the net of the clever old maid.² If he at least didn’t have to have the miserable offspring. However, she[7] will see to that! Best regards from your Albert In the summer, I will certainly come and go hiking somewhere with Tete (Engstlenalp?)[8] H* H p q) , (
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