D O C U M E N T S 3 2 6 , 3 2 7 J U L Y 1 9 2 6 3 3 5 326. To Chaim Weizmann Bern, 20 July 1926 Dear Mr. Weizmann, Today, news of Mr. Magnes’s telegram and of the resolution of the university Council reached me.[1] You know from my latest letter that I originally had intended, for the reasons indicated in my letter, to recommend to the Board of Gov- ernors the removal of Dr. Magnes from the leadership of university matters in Palestine.[2] I was concerned at the time about making such a far-reaching request of the Board of Governors in the fear of perhaps judging Mr. Magnes’s mode of action too severely. The two documents mentioned above have, however, brought me to the firm conviction that conducting business with Dr. Magnes is impossible. It is, unfortu- nately, too late to communicate and substantiate this to the individual members of the Board of Governors before the meeting.[3] Consequently, I ask you to please do this in my name at the meeting. I must not restrict myself to declining further co- operation with Mr. Magnes, but, instead find it necessary, in the interest of the mat- ter, to hereby request placing the leadership in Jerusalem in other hands. Kind regards, your A. Einstein 327. To Jost Winteler[1] [Bern,] 20 July 1926 Dear Prof. Winteler, Today I visited Michele and Anna[2] while traveling through on the way to Ge- neva. Since we were thinking affectionately of you and of the old times, we want to send you a greeting that will bring the Aarau times alive for you as well, in which you gave me unforgettable encouragement in happy conversations.[3] Warm regards from your A. Einstein
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