D O C U M E N T 7 3 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 5 8 1 kind. The direction is, instead, as if fixed relative to his shed and does not corre- spond to any possible projection of a hypothetical ether wind. Moreover, he changes his data every two weeks. The latest is that no difference effect exists be- tween Cleveland and Mount Wilson if one works outdoors there. In contrast, the difference between measurements outdoors and in the basement is substantial!![8] Michelson is, of course, very reserved in his statements. The only thing that I man- aged to get out of him is that Miller, in his opinion, is not adequately varying the experimental conditions. I am extraordinarily excited about your new theory.[9] Please give my best to Colleague Laue.[10] I remain sincerely yours, Paul S. Epstein 73. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin, after 19 September 1925][1] Dear Albert, There is absolutely no ill feeling. Just come, as you wrote. My comment that you should be somewhat more polite to my wife referred only to the form, in other words, you should behave like a well brought up young man toward any unknown woman.[2] However, I did find it more or less unpleasant that Anschütz wrote me not a word about the transformer, despite the fact that I wrote to him twice myself and am convinced that the matter is actually good.[3] You must not mention this to anyone.[4] The reason I haven’t written to you at all is that I have been very busy, I would even say very strained. Despite all my efforts, I still have not figured out whether my theory is good or not. This is a really hard nut to crack. Nothing like this has happened to me before. I received news from Pasadena that the Miller ex- periment (repeating the Michelson investigation at a high-altitude) is, based on per- sonal dealings with Miller, considered humbug there, which I did not doubt from the outset.[5] I have new music for piano and violin by Bach (Inventions).[6] We can play them together. It’s a shame that Tete[7] can’t come, too, since there is a ton of interesting theater. So, come. Warm regards from your Papa
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