4 5 0 D O C U M E N T S 4 5 7 , 4 5 8 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 7 457. From Hugo Freund[1] Dresden, 17 January 1927 Dear like-minded Friend, On the basis of a discussion with Mr. Tucholsky,[2] I intend to publish in the Weltbühne,[3] similar to the series: Minds… Business Leaders… a series… Politi- cians Analysis—the title is not yet fixed—. This will initially only be possible with like-minded friends. That is why I turn to you with the question whether you would be prepared to undergo such an analysis. It would take place on an individual psychological basis, hence, by not emphasizing sexuality. Not a single word will be published without prior approval and confidentiality will be in force for every unpublished communication. My justification for such work is taken from the following circumstances. 1) Objectively, such a series of analyses would constitute a fruitful and refining enterprise for politics, journalism, and psychology, and will have a retroactive stimulating effect on those analyzed. 2) With the suitability of my own person, at once as politician and psychothera- pist, a rare precondition is provided for such an analysis. Please let me know your opinion of this matter. Alternatively, on the occasion of a stay in Berlin, a discussion of this would also be possible on the 22nd and 24th of this month. Best would be on the 22nd sometime between 12–4. On the 24th, sometime between 9–12. With greetings from a like-minded individual, yours sincerely, H. Freund 458. To Hugo Freund [Berlin, after 17 January 1927][1] D[ear] S[ir], I am sorry not to be able to comply with your wish, as I would very much like— to remain in the darkness of not having been analyzed.[2] Respectfully, A. E.
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