1 2 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 0 4 , 1 0 5 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 5 104. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin, on or after 9 November 1925][1] Dear Mileva, The business with Albert is really too much.[2] I am enclosing here a letter for him[3] that you should give or read to him. We must do our duty while there is still time. I’m writing now to Zangger as well,[4] so he will also tell him this. I read a book about psychiatry from which I can unfortunately see with very high probabil- ity that Grossmann has paralysis.[5] A certain lack of control in conjunction with linguistic remissions (gaps) are characteristics of it. What a pity for such a great fellow. I’m working hard, but with modest success, and a great many obligations weigh on me. But the business with Albert is the worst. Sometimes I wonder if he’s normal. Warm regards to you and Tete[6] from your Albert 105. To Hans Albert Einstein [Berlin,] 9 November 1925 Dear Adn,[1] I tore up the letter immediately, so no one gets their hands on it, although, other than a father or mother, no one would summon up the energy to read this dreadful scribbling of a poor human child. I do believe that you have suffered much under the strange family relationships.[2] However, I believe that it has more to do with your nature itself, which is difficult and projects your troubles outward.[3] You are so similar to me[4] and should see in me nothing other than an older comrade whom fate has handed to you, and who has already experienced most of what still lies be- fore you. It was a good thing that you expressed yourself so openly, for, only then can there be proper comradeship. And I want to be just as open toward you as you were toward me. You are to me like a piece of my own self, and I have, as concerns you, absolutely no other wish than that you become a proper fellow and do not have to suffer more than human destiny alone entails. I have always seen how much like me you are and always had the fear that the drama that has so severely affected my life and your childhood would repeat itself in you.[5] Consequently, I am doing
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