D O C U M E N T 2 1 9 M A R C H 1 9 2 6 2 2 9 I have been quite occupied with Heisenberg-Born.[6] With all due admiration of the intellect behind these papers, my instinct still balks at this kind of conception. Bothe has found another interesting result: K radiation is excited by X-rays in copper-leaf K, and this radiation is largely absorbed inside the krypton- filled ionization chambers, I1 and I2. The elementary acts of absorption are individually recorded by means of point counter tubes. ( of these acts of absorption of the quanta emitted by K were registered by these points.) [7] exciting X-rays He found complete statistical independence of the acts of absorption in I1 and I2.[8] Warm regards, your A. Einstein 219. To August Piccard [Berlin,] 14 March 1926 Dear Mr. Piccard, I am very glad that you have already come so close to your goal.[1] I wrote to the Foreign Office and immediately received the assurance that the German envoy in Brussels will be instructed to hand the necessary papers over to you.[2] I think that with Miller, too, this whole anomaly is caused by temperature influ- ences (air).[3] I also believe that a hydrogen fill will be very useful to you. As per- tains to the program,[4] it is probably best to choose a season in which Miller obtained positive results at noon or midnight. ¢Nonetheless, this is not directly nec- essary. According to Miller, a component of the absolute motion that is vertical to the Earth’s axis evidently exists.²[5] If he got maximal effects at another time of day, this effect can be shifted by modifying the season to midnight. In the presence of the Sun, you will surely never be able to reach the required constant temperatures. If you have results in April that are clear, you will certainly get the funding to repeat the experiment a quarter-year later. Then we shall see what’s behind the Miller anomaly. [7] 1 20 ----- -
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