3 6 8 D O C U M E N T S 3 7 7 , 3 7 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 6 377. From Nederlandsche Technische Handel Maatschappij “GIRO”[1] Neumühlen, Kiel, Heikendorfer Weg 9, 11 October 1926 Dear Professor, Pursuant to our conversation today, we confirm herewith having reached the fol- lowing agreement with you: 1.) For your valued collaboration on the inventions deposited under G[erman] I[mperial] Patent 394 677,[2] in particular, for conveying the idea at the time, which is contained in claim 4 of this patent,[3] we hereby commit ourselves to paying you 1% of the sales price of each apparatus that we build and sell according to the men- tioned patent. 2.) The statement of account of this occurs annually without interest on 31 De- cember, where the amounts received by us are to form the basis. The accounting as well as the payment are due by 1 March of the subsequent year at the latest. 3.) If we should assign licenses to the relevant foreign patents in foreign coun- tries, then 3% are due of the incoming sums to us for the licenses. Statement of ac- count as above. 4.) This agreement is valid for the duration of G.I.P. 394 677. If the patent is eliminated by invalidity claims, the above agreement thus expires. If the patent is partly devalued by imitation, circumvention, or new inventions, then a new deter- mination can be requested in accordance with the changed circumstances. 5.) The court of law for both parties will be Berlin, Central Regional Superior Court, dispensing with other court authorities. Please confirm your agreement to the above by signing the enclosed transcrip- tion. Respectfully yours, Nederlandsche Technische Handel Maatschappij “GIRO” A. Einstein K. v. Mayrhauser[4] Director 378. From Nederlandsche Technische Handel Maatschappij “GIRO” Neumühlen, Kiel, 11 October 1926 Dear Professor, You were so kind as to inform us today of a new invention idea and to propose the following form for the joint exploitation:
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