D O C U M E N T 1 4 J U N E 1 9 2 5 3 5 12. From Edwin E. Slosson[1] [Washington,] 26 June 1925 [See documentary edition for English text.] 13. To Edwin E. Slosson[1] [Berlin, between 26 June and 31 July 1925][2] [See documentary edition for English text.] 14. From Chaim Weizmann[1] Oakwood, 16 Addison Crescent, W. 14, 30 June 1925 Confidential. My dear Professor, I have owed you a letter for a long time, but I never have the heart to bother you with my worried writing. I’m doing so now because I have struggled through a fate- ful decision, and in loyalty to our friendship, I consider it my duty to write to you about it before it is made public. I have decided to definitively resign from the Pres- idency of the Zion. Org. and under no circumstances to put forward my candidacy at the next Congress or to allow it to be put forward.[2] The reasons for this are manifold and I want to mention only a few. For years, I have been concentrating on the development of a united Jewish Front which is supposed to find its organizational expression in the project of the Jewish Agency.[3] For years, I have been working on its behalf in America and fighting on its behalf in the ranks of the Z.O. I have gone to an unbelievable amount of trouble, since I am convinced that the development of Palestine, with its problems becom- ing more complicated every day, cannot and should not be borne by the Z.O. alone. If the Z.O. still wants to be effective as leader and sponsor of the ideals that inspire the development, all Jews must get on its side, at least those elements that are seri- ously interested in the development. We have, in recent years, made progress on this path, and the constant growth of the Keren Hayesod[4] is a sign of this progress. Now, however, before the congress, a fight is being conducted with all demagogic
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