6 2 D O C U M E N T 4 6 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 There is much that one cannot spare one’s children ultimately, they must find their own way. Warm regards from your Albert 46. To Ilse Kayser-Einstein and Margot Einstein [Kiel, 14 August 1925][1] Dear Margot, Thank you for your news reports & letters. I have already taken care of most of it. I consider it quite proper for you to get away for a while there’s already enough moolah there for that—hopefully.[2] The fact that you, dear Ilse, continue to write during your Schlemihligkeit is truly touching.[3] Be very patient and keep things calm by eating only baby food [4] then you’ll get back on track after a few months. Rudi[5] should get away for a while, so he doesn’t turn so Catholic he’ll need it. What about your living quarters? Tete is leaving today,[6] but would rather have stayed. All good things end too soon! We are very happy and content and are sailing a lot.[7] Warm regards to all three of you from your Albert 47. Calculations [Kiel, on or before 18 August 1925] [Not selected for translation.] 48. Statement for Romain Rolland’s Sixtieth Birthday[1] [Kiel, on or before 18 August 1925][2] [See Doc. 51 in this volume for English translation of the published version of this document.]
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