V O L U M E 1 , D O C U M E N T 1 6 d 5 6. In the event that one of the parties damages a color, paintbrush, etc., he is bound to pay the other in cash for half of the damaged object. The cost will be set by agreement on both sides. In case any arguments should arise, a referee will be chosen, by whose authority the cost can be set. This arbitrator must be chosen by agreement of both parties. 7. In case of the death of one of the two parties, the box goes to the other. The owner must then, however, pay to the family of the deceased 1/4 ¢price² of the value (of the paint box at the time, according to the judgment of an expert). 8. In the event that one of the parties does not undersign or does not meet his obligations, the box goes to the other. Signed 1st party 2nd party Roberto Koch Albert Einst[1] Vol. 1, 16d. To Marie Winteler [Aarau,] Thursday [ca. 6 February 1896][1] My Sweetheart Marie, Finally, I can write you a little, my most beloved darling, because Robert & that stern man of a brother are well settled in at the Kantonschule & only Mama is here.[2] Your enchanting little letter touched me deeply. I’m not worthy enough to be loved in return by such a magnificent soul. You can pretty well imagine that I am accompanying you the whole time in my thoughts. Oh, I would never have thought it possible that weeks could be as long as they are now. Oh, little Marie, it’s as if I had so, so much to say to you & yet I don’t know what. You do feel it in your delicate little soul, though, without my saying it! You call the little letter you addressed to me cold, sweetheart I couldn’t even remember its purpose while reading it. It is sincere and delightfully grand and warm & shows how little you can hide your feelings. Enjoy the sausage, my little mouse, so that our regimen yields results.[3] When it’s gone, you’ll immediately get another one. But I do beg you, d[ear] child, not to come and see us during the week, even though I also yearn for you from the depths of my soul. It’s not good for you. I’m always afraid that you might not feel completely at ease and are among hard- hearted people who make you feel alone. In that case, come over immediately and force yourself to go against your firm resolve. It’s true, isn’t it, little Marie? You wouldn’t have thought that I could write in such a stupid and muddled way. You
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