V O L U M E 1 4 , D O C U M E N T S 1 4 1 a , 2 4 9 a 2 1 Vol. 14, 141a. From Eduard Einstein[1] [Zurich, between 8 and 24 November 1923][2] Dear Papa, So, I, too, happily arrived home in the record time of 15 hours of travel, with the stops, however, making up almost half of that.[3] I changed trains 7 times, or if the car counts, 8 times. Now I already have another quarter of school behind me.[4] We now also have geometry in mathematics, but nothing exceptional. Just such general things about cubes, etc. We also had a sports day at school, in which I scored quite well. I reached almost the average score of the class, certainly something that is unprece- dented in our family! My piano playing has recently taken a gigantic upswing. I am, in fact, now tak- ing piano lessons. My teacher’s name is Mr. Fanti.[5] He himself also plays very well. Although I’ve only had 2 lessons, I’m now playing things that I had never played before: broken chords, finger exercises, etc. You are now no doubt happy that you do not have to be in Berlin.[6] ¢It would² Would it perhaps be possible for you to come see us here around Christmas? That would be very nice. Then we could see you again soon. So for now, best wishes to you and to the Ehrenfests[7] from your Teddy N.B. Your card got here right after Albert[8] wrote you and before I did. Vol. 14, 249a. To Elsa Einstein[1] Thursday [Kiel, 15 or 22 May 1924][2] Dear Else, Already three letters from you how am I supposed to keep up! I’m sorry to hear that Ilse is feeling so poorly.[3] Is she pregnant?[4] What has the medical expert prophesied? I really would like to invite Margot,[5] but have some misgivings. Mrs. Richter[6] is taking care of the whole household with her own girls and I hesitate to increase the burden. It would be out of character for me. However, Margot is first on my list if I again undertake something that might arouse participation. I am working quite a bit, but at a leisurely pace. Today, a piece of research, whose issue finally became clear to me, is on the way to Hettner.[7] But I’m bogged down in the Grommer matter.[8] Mr. Anschütz has fully recovered and is working like a horse.[9] The research work is coming to an end, so it will soon be possible to begin production.[10] Unfortunately, business abroad is made very difficult by the political conditions.
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