D O C U M E N T S 4 2 6 , 4 2 7 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 6 4 0 3 425. From George E. Hale [Pasadena,] 2 December 1926 [See documentary edition for English text.] 426. To Max Born [Berlin,] 4 December 1926 Dear Born, You must both be a little patient. My son-in-law will certainly read the play[1] and will be writing you. But the poor man must really ration his energy because his heart isn’t in good condition. I reminded him again to review the play soon. I liked the beginning of the play very much and I think it won’t miss its mark. Quantum mechanics is very worthy of respect. But an inner voice tells me this is not the genuine article after all. The theory delivers much but it hardly brings us closer to the Old One’s secret. In any event, I am convinced that He is not playing dice.[2] Waves in 3n-dimensional space, whose velocity is regulated by potential energy (e.g., rubber bands)…… I am struggling with deriving the equations of motion of material points, con- ceived as singularities, from the differential equations of general relativity.[3] Best regards to you both from your A. Einstein 427. From Walter Baade Mount Wilson, 5 December 1926 Dear Professor, The mail just delivered to me on the mountain a copy of Prof. Hale’s letter to you.[1] After reading this letter, I believe I owe you an explanation, to avoid any misunderstandings. During a visit I paid to Prof. Hale at his private observatory last week, our conversation turned to problems in solar physics, among other things the unsatisfactory attempts to explain the Sun’s general magnetic field. In the heat of the discussion, I enthusiastically told Hale what my friend W. Pauli[2] had told me last summer, that according to your opinion the Sun’s general magnet. field might find its explanation in the link between gravitation and electrodynamics, and that on the basis of such considerations the measured magnet. fields of the Sun and
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