1 5 6 D O C U M E N T 1 3 5 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 5 hand, seemed acceptable to you? Furthermore, if possible—but I am aware that this is asking particularly much—how does my theory of science appear to you gener- ally? I assume as a matter of course that you entirely set aside my earlier books (Identité et réalité[4] and De l’explication[5] ) as too voluminous. Albeit, in Déduc- tion relativiste, I briefly reiterated my basic views.[6] If more would be desirable to you, a quite fine summary (just 11 pages) appeared in the latest issues of the Kant- Studien penned by the elderly Prof. Hoeffding (Copenhagen) [7] as the reviewer was so courteous as to forward to me some offprints, I could make one available to you at your request. Believe me, esteemed Professor, I am aware how immodestly I am acting, as I certainly do know how many better and more important things you must have to do.— Perhaps you already find you are being unduly punished for those couple of polite lines of yours to me and for those even more courteous words to Mr. Klatzkin. But then please consider, as a mitigating circumstance, the importance for me that would be attached to any, even the slightest clarification or hint from you.— I surely scarcely need to add (and am only doing so in view of the very awkward experience you have just had here[8] ) that obviously any letter from you would be considered by me as confidential, and not a syllable could appear in pub- lic, unless by your expressed wish. Many thanks once again, also for your kind wishes concerning my health (which unfortunately is very much in need of them), respectfully yours, E. Meyerson 135. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] 23 December 1925 Dear Mileva, I am very pleased that my letter to Albert made an impression.[1] Hopefully, it will help. It would be a crime for him to bring such children into the world.[2] One already endures enough when one is healthy. As for the purchase of the securities, they unfortunately went up a couple percent between my inquiry and the purchase.[3] I understand that you do not have enough money at the moment how- ever, I myself can lend you no more. The bank in America can advance you the amount requested. Write to this effect soon, indicating the amount, to Ladenb[urg] Thalm[ann] and send me the letter so I can enclose a declaration that I am in agreement.[4] There is a meeting again in January, but, unfortunately, in Paris.[5] So, I will not have time to come visit you all. I wish all of you pleasant holidays. Write me again soon about Albert I am always so concerned. I would wish for him
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