3 4 2 D O C U M E N T 3 4 1 A U G U S T 1 9 2 6 quite vacuous reply that there were no vacancies at the university in question (which I knew) and the issue ¢ought to have² should best be discussed at the Boston convention of philosophers,[2] where the leading philosophers will be meeting. I have not received any answer at all from the other one yet. It looks as if nothing can be done during the vacation, so I must postpone my efforts until October. Perhaps one should heed the secretary’s advice, though. Weyl[3] is going to Bos- ton and will surely come into contact with all those philosophers. It would perhaps be good to entrust him with a mission on Reichenbach’s behalf. He would be, in a manner of speaking, a special envoy who would describe me as the permanent dip- lomatic agent in this affair. We here were equally enthralled by Schrödinger’s theory and are trying to work on it as far as our powers permit. In a relatively short time we are expecting Kármán here for two or three months.[4] We still cannot reconcile ourselves to your health preventing you from visiting Pasadena.[5] Respectfully and sincerely yours, Paul S. Epstein 341. To Elsa Einstein [Montana Vermala,] 2 August 1926 Dear Else, We’ve been living a very tranquil life here since Friday evening. Sleeping, eat- ing, lying half naked on the balcony in the sun, taking walks. The region is a gen- uine “panorama.” Around Sunday, we’ll take off again over the Furka Pass to Göschenen, and from there to Zurich.[1] I’ll stay there another few days and come to Berlin around the 15th. Tete[2] is a good companion, granted, a bit serious. Michele[3] may visit us. Then, I have to go to Zurich as a worthy father to resolve and mediate how things go.[4] I am very happy about Bruno’s colossal success.[5] The faculty will have to bow down before him. I am receiving your cards regularly. Why don’t you tell me what you need my advice about? Concerning H., you need not worry. You did what was wanted by both sides, and can pull back. Best wishes from your Albert
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