2 4 V O L U M E 1 4 , D O C U M E N T 3 0 6 a light of this information and to communicate to me your final decision at my Berlin address. Respectfully yours, A. Einstein Haberlandstr. 5, Berlin Vol. 14, Doc. 306a. To Willy Hellpach[1] Berlin, 26 August 1924 From the press I gathered that a proceeding initiated by the senate of the Univer- sity of Freiburg is pending against Dr. Gumbel, who is well known to me.[2] I know that this proceeding is formally based on a somewhat unfortunate turn of phrase used by Gumbel during a speech. In its context, even with some good will, it cer- tainly could not have been misunderstood.[3] However, the true source of this pros- ecution against Gumbel on the part of mostly reactionary professors undoubtedly lies in the intent to drive the pacifist Gumbel away from the university because of his highly important publications on political matters in the service of justice, prog- ress, and international rapprochement. In this situation I feel morally compelled to petition you earnestly, dear Mr. Min- ister, to refrain from taking any disciplinary measures against Mr. Gumbel, because any such step would be interpreted as favoring reactionary machinations over prog- ress and international rapprochement. Respectfully yours, Prof. Dr. A. Einstein Member of the Pruss. Acad. of Sciences, Member of the League of Nations Committee on International Intellectual Cooperation
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