D O C U M E N T S 2 1 2 , 2 1 3 M A R C H 1 9 2 6 2 2 5 212. To Pascual Jordan [Berlin,] 6 March 1926 Dear Colleague, I am pleased that you are coming to Berlin we can speak with each other often here. The matter about fluctuation is rotten.[1] It is possible to calculate the mean value of the fluctuations with the zero-point term , but not the probability of a very large fluctuation. For weak radiation (Wien’s), for example, the probability that the whole radiation is found in one partial V of the total volume is[2] . This obviously cannot be explained with the zero-point term, even though the ex- pression is thermodynamically secure. With kind regards, your A. Einstein Otherwise, though, the matrix theory impresses me very much. 213. To Leo Kohn Berlin, 6 March 1926 Dear Mr. Kohn, After careful consideration, I have now written to Magnes in the way I had in- tended to.[1] I am absolutely not of a mind to assume full responsibility myself, since such unclear conditions prevail. The transfer of the university to the Board of Governors seems not to have been properly straightened out formally, as Schlössinger asserts.[2] In the dispute that has erupted around the Munich deci- sions, I am not authorized to decide alone, especially since I’m responsible for the fact that the minutes were not finalized in Munich.[3] You have to bear in mind that the position of the provisional Board of Governors is for the time being weak, be- cause of the fact that no understanding with the American doctors and with F. Warburg has been reached.[4] This will be attended to in the spring. It would be best if we could have a Board of Governors meeting with F. Warburg and a representa- tive of the doctors. I am quite pleased that Mr. Weizmann intends to dedicate himself to the university.[5] That makes Magnes superfluous in any case. One more reason to table the actual decision. 1 2 -- - V0 W V-· V0¹ ----- © § E ------ =
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