D O C U M E N T S 3 3 5 3 3 7 J U L Y 1 9 2 6 3 3 9 335. To Elsa Einstein [Geneva,] Wednesday [28 July 1926] Dear Else, Thank goodness, everything here is almost done. On Friday, I go to Hotel Ter- minus, Montana Vermala, Valais, where I meet Tete.[1] I’ll be staying there roughly 10 days. Then, I go back to Zurich to have the necessary discussions about Albert.[2] I’ll be coming back home on about the 15th. I am glad that Auntie is not fully conscious[3] and that you are trying to distract yourself. Keep that up! Magnes is coming today. It doesn’t matter anymore, since I have disposed of everything.[4] Warm regards, your Albert 336. To Chaim Weizmann [Geneva,] 28 July 1926 Dear Mr. Weizmann, Mr. Magnes came to me today.[1] I refused to speak with him about those things that prompted my letter to the Board of Governors.[2] I did this in order to avoid introducing confusion into these disputes. So, we talked about the possibilities of the future constitution,[3] while I, however, also carefully avoided taking a specific point of view. I gave as a justification that I in no way wish to influence the delib- erations of the men present in London.[4] I told Mr. Magnes, and I’m also telling you, that I particularly wish to avoid that any decisions whatsoever be subjectively influenced out of consideration for myself as an individual.[5] You are all too aware that I am totally insensitive as a person and that no eventuality of any kind could affect my devotion to the cause of the university. Warm regards, your A. Einstein 337. To Michele Besso Montana Vermala [30 July 1926][1] Dear Michele, Geneva is, thank goodness, behind me—“unspeakably boring,” says the Berliner.[2] Up here, it’s beautiful, albeit somewhat cold. I just arrived. A small inn
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