3 3 4 D O C U M E N T S 3 2 4 , 3 2 5 J U L Y 1 9 2 6 Please give my greetings to your sons, whom I saw as boys and remember well.[7] I am not very keen on the League of Nations. Warm regards, your M. von Laue 324. To Elsa Einstein Engstlenalp, 14 July [1926] Dear Else, Yesterday from Engelberg up to Trübseealp.[1] Hard uphill scrambling with Tete.[2] Today, over Joch Pass to Engstlenalp over snow. So far, the weather is won- derful the first time in two weeks. We intend to stay here 2 days and laze around in the splendid air. Then, it’s off to Meiringen, Bern, Geneva, where I must arrive on the 21st.[3] I am amazed at what my old bones (and my clothes & boots) still tolerate. We are feeling very well. Hopefully, things are going well with you. Go to Wannsee more often regards to Grandmother & Ehrmanns[4] & greetings from your Albert 325. To Elsa Einstein Zurich, 19 July [1926] Dear Else, I am sitting with the boys and your predecessor.[1] The trip to Joch Pass, Engst- lenalp, Brünig, Pilatus,[2] which was magnificent, depleted my wallet, in fact, to such an extent that I had to go to the Bankverein[3] for a “refill.” There, it became apparent that there was an opportunity for an improvement of the investments, which I accomplished with enormous shrewdness. Tomorrow, I travel to Bern the day after tomorrow, to Geneva.[4] There I will receive your news, whose arrival I already found out about. I wrote with Albert to Italy to the concrete company.[5] It seems to be a shameless attempt to misuse my name for advertising. Mrs. Mendelsohn the beautiful was in Engstlenalp.[6] She can sure climb moun- tains in addition to everything else. Best wishes to you and grandmother[7] from your Albert I spoke exhaustively with Albert. I think that I will be able to steer everything for the better.[8] This is being written on the train to Bern.[9]
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