D O C U M E N T S 2 8 2 , 2 8 3 M A Y 1 9 2 6 3 0 1 I definitely would like to see you, if there is any way, as soon as possible. I shall be in Geneva[11] in June (on the 10th) and shall perhaps be going to Frankfurt from there. Could we meet there or are you unable to leave Berlin around that time? I would be very grateful if you would write me a few lines so that I could perhaps arrange my travel plans accordingly. Kind regards, yours sincerely, Ch. Weizmann 282. From Emil J. Gumbel Heidelberg, 12 May 1926 Dear Professor, The social democrat minister Remmele[1] has now publicly repeated his threat of a Gumbel act.[2] I’m not afraid of it because such a thing doesn’t go very quickly. Moreover, I think that many groups who are, per se, in favor of my removal will not participate in this way, for the initiation of a revocation of the Habilitation that is not linked to any culpable conduct would, in fact, threaten every minority at the university. My lectures are extraordinarily well attended and, to date, no disruption of any type whatsoever has occurred. Sincerely yours, Gumbel 283. To Georges Oprescu [Berlin,] 14 May 1926 To the Secretariat of the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation Dear Sirs, It is unfortunately not possible for me to come to the meeting of the management committee[1] in Paris on 20th May. Please kindly present this apology there. Unfor- tunately, it has not yet been possible for me to assign a substitute, either, because the man I had envisioned still wants to await developments in German international relations in the academic field.[2] Respectfully yours, A. Einstein
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