1 9 0 D O C U M E N T S 1 7 0 , 1 7 1 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 6 170. To Robert Eisler Paris, [17 January] 192[6][1] Dear Mr. Eisler, Here again comes the man with many requests. Hence, please: 1) Give my excuses at the meeting because, before I knew that there was another meeting on Saturday,[2] I had made an unchangeable arrangement.[3] Likewise, pardon me for having to leave tomorrow morning. 2) Kindly send my League of Nations documents, which were left in the meeting room, to Berlin (5 Haberland St.). 3) Kindly telephone Prof. Hadamard that I cannot come much earlier than 9 P.M., therefore not to dinner.[4] 4) Kindly pick me up at Louis Dreyfus’s[5] place already between 3 and half past 3, because I don’t want to stay there that long. I am very much looking forward to your talk. For now, kind regards, your A. Einstein If you can officially vouch for your statement about Mr. Rocco[6] (acquittal in the case of the M[atteotti] murder),[7] tell Mrs. Curie and Mr. Lorentz about it.[8] 171. From Michele Besso Bern, 18 January 1926 Dear Albert, Thanks very much for your nice letter of Dec. 25th.[1] “Be not weary of doing good”:[2] more humbug follows forthwith. Therefore: you are unable to integrate the electromagnetic field into the geome- try of the world, analogous to what you did with the gravitational field. The ’s are in ¢ ² space and define it ¢or at least further define it², that is, the 's. And how does the electromagnetic part still hold itself together? Simply according to Maxwell, after all?— It would be ¢however² a brilliant gift, not just for me, but surely also for all those interested in physics, if you would explain what has re- mained unsatisfactory to you about Weyl, Eddington and your own attempts. That the electron and the quantum still remain outside the picture surely cannot be the decisive point. It would, of course, be very nice if it found its place there but one can hardly be surprised that this is not the case. Tik gik gik
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