4 V O L U M E 1 , D O C U M E N T 1 6 c so sad all right, my love? You’ll do me that favor? I’ll also look for those Mozart songs tomorrow & shall send them if they can be procured. You must sing them, sweetheart, even if it makes my heart burst. Guess what? Today I played music with Miss Baumann, Schafisheim,[5] which you’d have to be envious of if you knew the girl. She can put her delicate soul into the instrument with the greatest ease, because she actually doesn’t have one. Am I not nasty again & compulsively snide...... Oh, child, even if you had twenty such small, charming hands, they still couldn’t throw your soul completely into the piano! Isn’t it arrogant to think that it could find enough room inside my heart? And yet I do very, very certainly know that, and am happy, extremely happy about it. Goodnight, my sweetheart, sweet dreams & be happy! Your Albert Vol. 1, 16c. “Contract for the Purchase of a Box of Water Colors” Aarau, 6 February 1896 Contract for the Purchase of a Box of Water Colors between Albert Einstein III trade the two Cantonal School pupils & Robert Koch II prep[aratory] 1. Each of the two interested parties must pay half of the price at purchase in cash. 2. The paint box may be used by the pupil who happens to have classes the other interested party has nothing against it or shouldn’t have. 3. In case any arguments arise about who should be using the paint box (for pri- vate, not school, use), the drawing of lots will decide. 4. The paint box stays with the pupil who stays at the Cantonal School. In the event that both would be moving away, it stays with the one who is continuing his studies at another school in the [Swiss] Confederacy. If the 2 parties go to the same school together (not the Cantonal School), e.g., the Polytechnic, etc., this contract is continued. 5. If one of the parties abandons his studies and withdraws into private life, or if the two parties should separate, lots will decide who may keep it.
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