5 6 D O C U M E N T 3 7 A U G U S T 1 9 2 5 Weyl,[7] only space remains, or whether, according to your new hunch, it is the spatial (since, the g’s really still are there…………?). But then, no. It would be a matter of dispensing with viewing the ’s as representatives of geometry.[8] One would know again what one wants to regard as container and what one wants to regard as content. The thing would be the -field, in just the way that we have become accustomed to regarding it as an -field the Γ’s take the place of the g’s. The measurements do remain directly expressed in the g’s, though? (line element). Tell me more and also say what I may impart to whom. As regards me, perhaps young Albert has told you about those experiments and efforts set forth on the enclosed sheet.[9] It gradually became clear to me, taking as an example the processes by which free trade and commerce developed in England since 1623, that when people, strongly attached to their own interests, are confronted with novelty, they reveal their vulnerable side, which answers to the in- exhaustible stream of hopes and desires.[10] Industrial property rights organized this attack on the status quo—first until the fall of the old organization of labor by the guilds then, for about forty years, to a rapidly growing degree, in the sense of the creation of new “global guilds.” Osterrieth and Haber, as I have since noticed, also grasped aspects of this process—first examined by Damme—, specifically also in the conclusion I must draw from it: that individuals or suitable groups of individuals and whole nations and states must take action in an appropriate way to enable these new guilds to become properly and completely organized without causing superfluous and avoidable harm to them.[11] I was hoping to get a suitable lawyer as a collaborator in clarifying the Swiss relations but this matter is a great deal harder than I thought.———— ——I am expecting a visit by my sister[12] and am in great suspense about that as well. Warm regards to you and yours, also on behalf of Anna![13] Michele 37. To Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe Neumühlen, Kiel, Heikendorfer Weg 23, 4 August 1925 Dear Mr. Anschütz, I have already been here for three days and am enjoying the vacation with the boys and—the sailboat.[1] The splendor would be complete if the yearning for you were not aggravated by the location, filled with so many memories. When are you coming to Kiel again?[2] A whole year has elapsed since we sat by the fireplace together.[3] Albert is quite diligently at work and is very interested in it.[4] We can gμν gμν fμν
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