D O C U M E N T 7 9 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 5 8 7 79. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin,] 26 September 1925 Dear Mileva, I liked Tete’s little poems very much.[1] He is a jolly youngster, still more or less free of the fool’s cap bestowed on homo sapiens by relations with the female sex. May God keep him that way as long as possible. With Albert things are as follows.[2] She was, to be sure, not there,[3] but was bombarding him with notes and alpine flowers. I already know how that works. In an innocent conversation, Alber- tus spoke with great enthusiasm about marriage and argued against the importance of making sure of good breeding.[4] With that, he was found guilty as far as I’m concerned. He’s quite alarmingly on the verge of blundering in. He spoke to Anschütz[5] completely alone. I was already back in Berlin. I believe they will have already set the salary, so nothing more is to be done.[6] Ask him about it when he returns, and I will write to Anschütz according to your wishes,[7] if nothing has been agreed to yet. Or do you think Anschütz would go back on his word once he’s already given it? I don’t think so because, perhaps, Albert’s being taken in would be a guarantee that he would never leave Kiel. Write me as soon as you know any- thing specific so I can act accordingly. Now, something else. I’m in the process of writing my will.[8] For that I need a legally certified declaration that you and the children, after having received the No- bel Prize,[9] will make no claims on what I leave behind—with the exception of what I explicitly specify for the children in my will. You can sign for yourself and Tete, whereas Albert has to sign himself. Be so good as to take care of this as soon as Albert comes, since I absolutely want to prevent any disputes from arising after my death. I am glad that the cacti arrived in as good condition as they did.[10] You have now saved about half of them from death. I’m doing quite well. I am slaving away with my new theory and still don’t know whether it’s correct.[11] Warm regards to you and Tete from your Albert
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